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Employee Service Awards

The UT Dallas Employee Service Awards program is held every fall semester to recognize employees who reached UT Dallas service milestones of 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 years by the preceding August 31. For more information, please see the Employee Service Award Program Policy (UTDBP3092). Contact [email protected] with any questions or updates to this page.

Gifts of Appreciation

Employees achieving service milestones will also receive certificates and special gifts as a token of appreciation from University leadership. Five-year gifts are sent to the Dean or Vice President of employees' schools/divisions by University Events for distribution. Gifts for 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50-year recipients are presented during the Annual Service Award Ceremony. Employees who reach their 25-year service anniversary are inducted into the distinguished Quarter Century Club and receive their gifts at a separate event.

Employees who retire in the same year they reach service milestone will receive a retirement gift in the mail in lieu of the service year gift. Human Resources provides University Events with a list of new retirees at the end of each month. A “retiree” is defined by the UT System Office of Employee Benefits.

  • 5 Years: Coin bearing the UT Dallas seal presented by the Dean or Vice President of the employee's school/division
  • 10 Years: Coin medallion with the UT Dallas seal
  • 20 Years: Paper weight bearing the UT Dallas seal
  • Quarter Century Club: Plaque bearing the UT Dallas seal presented at a separate event
  • 30 Years: Coaster set bearing the UT Dallas seal
  • 40 Years: Clock bearing the UT Dallas seal
  • 50 Years: Watch bearing the UT Dallas seal
  • Retirement: Gift mailed to retiree

Eligible Service

The University’s Employee Service Awards program recognizes years of service at UT Dallas. Service years are calculated with the following guidelines:

  • Service as a staff, faculty or research/teaching assistant of 0.25 FTE or greater for at least 4 ½ months.*
  • A nine-month faculty appointment would constitute one year of service.
  • *Research/Teaching Assistants (RA/TA) and Visiting Professors will receive credit for time worked if they are hired into a regular position and worked both semesters in the fiscal year in which they were an RA/TA or Visiting Professor.
  • A leave of absence (LOA) will not count against time worked unless the employee was out more than six (6) consecutive months.
  • Lecturers in a “temp” status will receive service credit if teaching in both semesters of the academic year at a 0.25 FTE or greater.
  • Breaks in service are combined to calculate total service credit (i.e.: a service period of 1970-1974 and 1980-1986 would equal 10 years of service).

UT Dallas service years do not include:

  • Service performed as casual labor or temporary, non-benefits-eligible employee.
  • Service as a student employee.
  • Service with any other agency of the State of Texas.
  • Service with any other institution within The University of Texas System.

FY2020 Service Milestones

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