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UTD Fun Facts

Students building a robot.

Growing Backwards

UTD started as a grad-level institution. In 1975, undergrads arrived on campus. The first freshmen followed 15 years later.

Undefeated since 1969.


UTD’s football team has never lost a game and never will.

Students posing with Whoosh! sign.


The Whoosh and Mini-Whoosh are Comets’ signature moves. Whoosh is the sound a comet would make in space (if there was sound in space).

Lily Pads

Quiet and comfortable spaces across campus for new mothers.

The bust of Cecil Green.

Cecil’s Sculpture

Legend has it, rubbing the head of this UTD cofounder brings good luck.

Spirit rock illustration.

Spirit Rocks

More time-intensive than texting, painting these massive marquees is the boldest way to spread news on campus.

Our Robot Friends

When a food-delivering Tobor rolls your way, step aside and wave. It’s the Comet way!

Temoc Placeholder


UTD’s out-of-this-world anthropomorphic Comet mascot first orbited campus in 1998.

883 Dart bus.

Why 883?

Campus phone numbers and the Comet Cruiser bus route share the numbers 883 – UTD on your phone’s keypad.