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Job Audits

The first step in establishing a new position is the Job Audit.

The Job Audit is the process that HR Compensation uses to establish the appropriate title for new Administrative and Professional (A&P) positions; to determine the appropriate pay and title for new Classified positions, and to audit existing Classified positions when a position has changed significantly and may require reclassification.

The Job Audit process is initiated by the manager of the position. The manager requests that Compensation audit the position by completing the Position Review and Request Form PDF opens in a new tab (PRR) and Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ). If an employee desires to have a Job Audit conducted, Compensation suggests they contact their immediate supervisor to discuss changes in their position that might indicate the need for a Job Audit.

The PRR & PDQ, with organization approvals, is submitted to HR-Compensation for the job audit. Once completed, the recommended title, and salary information if applicable, is communicated to the manager. Positions may not be submitted for audit more than one time within a 12 month period.

No Job Audit is required if an existing position is being replaced at the same title and pay grade (if applicable).

Reclassification Issues

The President has expressed a strong preference that classified job audits be scheduled prior to the beginning of the annual budget process, with any resulting reclassifications to be effective the following September 1. A call for reclassification requests is sent to the campus in late winter/early spring each year.

Off-cycle requests can take up to 20 workdays to complete, which should be factored into a department’s plans for proposing an effective date for an off-cycle reclassification. In accordance with state law, the effective date of the reclassification must be after the final approval of the action. In other words, there cannot be a retroactive salary increase associated with reclassification.

Department's Role

The department requesting a Job Audit for a new position is responsible for:

  • Access and complete all sections of the Position Description Form for either PRR or PDQ. The PDQ can be obtained by contacting compensation.
  • Obtain required approvals
  • Submit to Compensation
  • Compensation notifies the department, assigning new title, job class code and pay grade if applicable
  • Department proceeds with Employment process:
  • Establish a New Position by completing the Position Review and Request Form PDF opens in a new tab (PRR) and submitting to the Budget Office
    • Budget Office assigns position number, approves requisition, and department proceeds with posting the position on jobs.utdallas.edu/hr
    • See New Hire Process Flowcharts for details of hiring Classified or A&P Staff

Compensation's Role

The role of Compensation in a Job Audit for classification of a new position or reclassification of an existing position:

  • Upon receipt of the PDQ, HR Compensation performs a Job Audit.
  • Reviews Position Description and may contact the department with questions about the position, or if needed, set up an onsite desk audit of the position — this may include interviews with the department manager and employee if reviewing for reclassification.
  • Analyzes the changes in the position and their impact on the pay grade, salary, and FLSA status.
  • Consults Compensation information on similar positions from internal sources, other universities and published salary survey sources.
  • Determines and communicates recommendations for the position title, pay grade and FLSA status via the PRR.