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RWA – FINAL_050521 (docx)

May 2021 EAP Newsletter (pdf)

RWA – FINAL_5321 (docx)

Remote Work Arrangement Guidelines FINAL 3 29 21 (pdf)

Virtual Classes PDF May_21 (pdf)

BenefitsFairInteractiveMap (pdf)

BenefitsFairFlyer071420 (pdf)

HR Forum Slides April 7, 2021 (pdf)

April 2021 EAP Newsletter (pdf)

2021_eTuition Employee Instructions_Updated (pdf)

March 2021 EAP Newsletter (pdf)

Performance Appraisal Self Evaluation Tool for Employees (doc)

HR-Forum-Slides-March-3-2021 (pdf)

CTHP (pdf)

Texas_Emergency Winter_Storm Resources_general (pdf)

Morneau_Shepell_Trauma_Support_Handout (pdf)

Comp Time Guide (pdf)

Fellows-Non-Active Employment (pdf)

Fellows-Active Employment (pdf)

Obtaining an Immigration Verification (pdf)

Benefits Enrollment Instructions (pdf)

HR Forum Slides February 3, 2021 (pdf)

Employee Guide to The Work Number (pdf)

2021 UTSHIP At A Glance (pdf)

2020-2021 Employee Plans vs SHIP At-A-Glance Summary (pdf)

Annual Eligibility Notice for Retirement Plans (pdf)

HR Org Chart (pdf)

12-Month Pay Insurance Premiums (pdf)

9-Month Pay Insurance Premiums (pdf)

Sick Leave Pool Voluntary Contribution (pdf)

Veterans Healthcare Leave Policy and Instructions (pdf)

UTSaver DCP Purchase Agreement Vacation Deferral (pdf)

ORP Declaration of Retirement (fillable) (pdf)

RA-TA Premium Sharing Guide_New Hire Version (pdf)

FMLA Request (Fillable) (pdf)

Employee Rights and Responsibilities (pdf)

Sick Leave Pool Returned Hours (pdf)

eTuition Supervisor Instructions (pdf)

eTuition Employee Instructions (pdf)

Guidelines for Creating a PIP_01262021 (pdf)

Veteran’s Leave (pdf)

WH-381 (1) (pdf)

WH-382 (pdf)

WH-381 (2) (pdf)

WH-384 (pdf)

WH-385-V (pdf)

WH-385 (pdf)

WH-380-F (pdf)

General Notice – FMLA Poster (pdf)

WH-380-E (pdf)

Admin U Description and Elective Options (pdf)

SLP- Sick Leave Pool LP (Dr.) Statement (pdf)

SLP- Sick Leave Pool Application (pdf)

SLP- Sick Leave Pool Policy (pdf)

Guide to Entering MILITARY Time Reporting Codes (pdf)

Guide to Reporting Parental Leave (pdf)

Guide to Entering Time Reporting Codes (pdf)

Guide to Reporting Donated Sick Leave (pdf)

Guide to Entering DOCK code (Unpaid Leave) (pdf)

Guide to Reporting FMLA Time Taken (pdf)

Adding Newborn to Benefits (pptx)

WH-384 – Exigency (pdf)

Preparing for Maternity Leave (pptx)

FMLA Poster_Spanish Version (pdf)

WH-385 – Caregiver (pdf)

Employee-to-Employee Sick Leave Donation Policy (pdf)

Employee-to-Employee Sick Leave Donation Form (Donor) (pdf)

Employee-to-Employee Sick Leave Donation Form (Recipient) (pdf)

Fellows-Active Employment (pptx)

UTSHIP vs UTSelect Comparison FY2021 (pdf)

Fellows-Non-Active Employment (pptx)

EOE Chart (pdf)

2020-2021_UTD Benefits Summary (pdf)

Monthly Deduction Rates (pdf)

Live Virtual Training Catalog (pdf)

Performance Appraisal for Classified Administrative and Professional Staff (docx)

Personal Data (pdf)

Benefits Summary (pdf)

UTConnect Medical Plan ExpressScripts Temp ID (pdf)

Delta_DentalIDCard (pdf)

UTSelect Medical Plan Express Scripts Temp ID (pdf)

Superior Vision Plans ID Card (pdf)

UTFlex Maestro Member Registration (pdf)

Annual Security Report 2019 (pdf)

Annual Eligibility Notice for Retirement Plans (pdf)

J-1 Exchange Visitor Transfer Out (pdf)

J-1 Exchange Visitor Transfer In (pdf)

J-1 Exchange Visitor Request (pdf)

Crow Beili Liu One and Another (pptx)

Staff Promotion Assessment (pdf)

Sample Telephone Reference Check Questions (pdf)

Sample Interview Template (pdf)

Request for Assistance with Employee Permanent Resident Petition (pdf)

Prior State Service Verification (pdf)

Position Review and Request (pdf)

Performance Improvement Plan Guidelines (pdf)

Performance Appraisal for Temporary Employees (pdf)

Performance Appraisal for Teaching Associates (pdf)

Performance Appraisal for Teaching Assistants (pdf)

Performance Appraisal for Research Assistants (pdf)

Performance Appraisal for Post-Doctoral Employees (pdf)

Performance Appraisal for Lecturers (pdf)

Performance Appraisal for Graduate Assistants (pdf)

Performance Appraisal for Faculty (pdf)

Performance Appraisal for Classified Research Assistants (pdf)

Performance Appraisal for Classified Administrative and Professional Staff (docx)

New Hire Packet RATAGA (pdf)

Live_Professional_Development_Opportunities (pdf)

Job Applicant Tracking System Guide (pdf)

Job Applicant Minimum Qualifications (pdf)

H-1B Worker Request (pdf)

H-1B Petition Check Request (pdf)

Employment Verification Release (pdf)

DayOne Acknowledgement Form (pdf)

Criminal Background Check (pdf)

Classified Temporary Hiring Proposal (pdf)

Checklist-New Employee Full-time (pdf)

Benefits ORP Acknowledgement (pdf)

Benefits New Hire ACA Notice (pdf)

B-1/B-2 Letter of Invitation to a Foreign Visitor (pdf)

90 and 180 Day Performance Appraisal (docx)

30 Day Performance Appraisal (docx)

UTConnect Enrollment Brochure (pdf)

Employment Express Sessions (pdf)

Live Professional Development Opportunities (pdf)