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Training Classes

Online and in-person training opportunities are available for UT Dallas staff and faculty.

Training Classes

UTD Talent Development offers training classes throughout the year over a variety of topics. Most of these training classes are available in-person and on-campus, although many are also offered online. *Due to current COVID-19 regulations, all classes are currently being offered online only. Class descriptions are detailed below. To register for a training class, log in to Galaxy, then go to Gemini > Self Service >LEO > Find Available Training. For more information about trainings currently available, please view our Live Virtual Training Catalog.

Certificate Series

Developed by UT Dallas Talent Development, our certificate series aim to increase participants skills in various topics over the course of 4 to 8 trainings. Upon completion of all courses in a particular series, participants will receive a certificate to acknowledge their mastery of the subject material.

Admin U

The Admin U certification series has been designed to provide both initial and ongoing training for those who serve the University in administrative support roles. The series is comprised of eight core classes that provide the foundation for all other classes.

  1. Creating a Positive Culture of Success at UTD - Session 1 is designed to give the participants a better understanding of the UTD’s mission, vision, values and culture through examining the University’s organizational structure. In this class, we will also discuss best practices for personal growth and success.
  2. Admin Essentials I: Getting Things Done - Sessions 2 and 3 will be conducted using an interactive and “hands-on” format where the participants will be guided by the instructor(s) to explore the University’s web pages to find critical information, forms, documentation, policies, etc. Content will be based and presented according to the organizational structure of the University with the intent of providing participants with a comprehensive overview of the reporting lines, culture and values of the University as introduced in Session 1.
  3. Admin Essentials II: Getting Things Done - This will be a continuation of Session 2.
  4. Proactively Managing Your Work World - This class concentrates on practical ways to organize the office (and the boss!) Time will be dedicated to learning best practices as they relate to efficiently managing files, multiple calendars, projects, and time.
  5. Event Planning - This class is led by Events Planners from the Office of Advancement. This class will focus on all things necessary to plan events on the UTD campus including room reservations, facilities requests, catering, and risk management.
  6. Business Writing and Etiquette - Elizabeth Bruce, coordinator of the Business Communication Center from the Naveen Jindal School of Management, teaches this class. She will discuss and demonstrate best practices as they relate to email, letters, phone calls, and face-to-face communication, as well as addressing how to effectively interact in a culturally diverse workplace.
  7. Campus Safety & Security – This session, conducted jointly by Environmental Health and Safety, UTD Police, and Information Security, explores ways to keep our campus safe and steps to take during emergency situations.   In addition, the class will examine the latest scams and information security updates.
  8. Leading from Where You Are - Formerly an elective class in Admin U, this class is now a part of the core of classes. This class is designed to assist individuals in understanding that everyone has the potential and responsibility for leadership.  The goal of the class is to help people understand the strength and influence of where they currently reside in the workplace and to introduce them to skills that will help them lead from that position.

Participants will earn a standard certificate for completing the eight basic core classes. In order to recognize exemplary employees, we have designated four additional certification levels beyond the standard certificate:

  • Ruby Level - The participant completes six additional elective classes.
  • Sapphire Level - The participant completes nine additional elective classes.
  • Emerald Level - The participant completes twelve additional elective classes.
  • Diamond Level - The participant completes seventeen additional elective classes.

For more information, please view our full Admin U Description and Elective Options. If you have questions or would like to nominate someone to participate in Admin U, please contact us.

Catch Comet Pride

At UT Dallas, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent experience to all who visit our campus. As employees of UTD, we play an important part in this experience, particularly in the level of service that we provide to those we interact with. This 4-part series focuses on best practices for delivering excellent service to our students, faculty, researches, staff, and guests.

  1. Catching Comet Pride – In this session, participants will understand the rationale and reasoning behind providing excellent customer service in higher education. They will also be introduced to the five Guiding Principles created to shape and direct the services we provide to both internal and external customers of UT Dallas. Lastly, we will discuss the UTD Customer Service Model, which serves as our framework for this series and all the sessions that follow.
  1. Practice Makes Perfect I- In the second CCP session, participants will review the UTD Customer Service Model, be exposed to customer service best practices, and learn some of the common barriers to providing good service. Participants will also practice and discuss simulated customer service transactions and situations, with a focus on welcoming behaviors.
  2. Practice Makes Perfect II- The third session of CCP will build on the skills emphasized in session 2 by continuing to study best practices for delivering good service to both happy and angry customers. Participants will practice customer service etiquette skills (in person, by email, and over the phone), and will explore important transitioning behaviors, for times when you must refer a customer to someone else, or are unable to deliver what the customer expects or wants.
  3. Making it Work, Making it Personal- In the fourth and final session, participants will learn a model for evaluating customer service efforts in each department and work unit. They will identify and create strategies for ensuring ongoing, excellent customer service at UT Dallas and develop a personal action plan for immediate implementation to provide excellent customer service in their work area.


Dignity and Respect

As one network of employees, united through diversity and the mission of the University, we encourage individuals to take responsibility for behavior and speech that will contribute to a workplace where dignity and respect thrive.

This 4-part series will focus on how well we work together. Are we the kind of co-worker that creates a healthy, respectful environment, or are we the kind of employee that others avoid? Do we communicate respect, and do we hold others in the highest regard?

The four sessions help the participants explore their own emotional intelligence and how they engage their co-workers to create a respectful and inclusive workplace.

  1. It Might Be About Me? - Personal strategies for assisting in the ongoing development of a culture of dignity and respect.
  2. ONE UTD! - Developing strategies for understanding, engaging, and respecting the differences we all bring to the workplace.
  3. Meet Me in the Court Yard! - Skills to build professional and respectful relationships based on the common ground we all “occupy.”
  4. ONE UTD! - Exploring strategies for continuing to support inclusiveness that builds dignity and respect.


Emotional Intelligence: A New Standard for Success in the Workplace

This 5-part series introduces you to the concept of emotional intelligence and provides you opportunities to personally assess where your skill sets are now and what you might do to enhance those skills. We will dig down below the surface to understand what competitive advantages emotional intelligence offers and ways to incorporate it into your career at UT Dallas.

  1. Emotional Intelligence Introduction: Why it Matters - This course introduces you to the concept of emotional intelligence and the core skills involved. We will explore the importance of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace, and why it matters to you as an employee.
  2. Emotional Intelligence Practicum 1: Understanding Yourself - In this follow-up to the Emotional Intelligence: Introduction, we will focus on Self-Awareness. Participants will learn what effective self-awareness looks like and certain skills you can use to increase your self-awareness
  3. Emotional Intelligence Practicum 2: Managing Yourself - For the second practicum of the Emotional Intelligence series, we take the next step and examine the importance of being able to manage ourselves in the face of disruptive emotions and how to behave less impulsively.
  4. Emotional Intelligence Practicum 3: Understanding Others - With this third session, our attention now shifts to others.  More specifically, we will examine the third core competency of emotional intelligence—social awareness.  For this practicum, we will focus on learning to paying attention to the emotional cues that others send out and then ways we can use this information to adjust our behavior accordingly.
  5. Emotional Intelligence Practicum 4: Building Relationships - In this fourth practicum of our series on emotional intelligence, we continue the discussion began in Part 3 about developing and increasing our social competence. Emotional intelligence is very much about being socially aware but this awareness alone is not enough.  We must also develop positive interaction and participation skills in order to have successful relationships with others.


Multi-Part Training Series

Though not a certificate series, these trainings have more information than we could fit into a single training! The following trainings have multiple parts, but do not have to be taken in a particular order.

In the KNOW: Becoming Part of the UTD Community through Knowledge, Networking, Organization, and Welcome!

We know that it can be difficult to navigate a new work environment. While we make every effort to provide an overview of our University during Orientation, there’s only so much time in a single day! Therefore, we’ve created a 4-part training series to help our newest UTD employees become better acquainted with the University. From tips, tricks, and tools to networking and campus culture, we hope that this series will help you feel confident and connected in your new position, and at home at UTD! *While this series was created with new employees in mind, we encourage all employees who want to know more about UTD and better connect to the UTD community to attend! There is something for everyone!

  1. Session 1: Knowledge - We believe it’s best to start with the basics. In this class, we will go over basic Knowledge of UTD including tips and tricks on navigating the website, Galaxy, LEO, and more. Our goal is to provide an overview of programs and resources to make your transition into this new environment as smooth as possible.
  2. Session 2: Networking - Sometimes it’s not just what you know, but who you know. In this class we’ll explore various departments across campus, and who to contact for assistance with various tasks. You’ll also get the chance to make real connections with other UTD employees who will share their knowledge and experience as you build a network of professional connections at UTD.
  3. Session 3: Organization - Understanding an organization’s structure and culture are keys to feeling settled and confident in a new role and new environment. In this class we’ll explore the organizational structure of UTD and discuss campus culture and how we can be a positive addition to that culture.
  4. Session 4: Welcome! - We strongly believe the most important aspect of the UTD Community are our people! This class will give you an opportunity to meet various leaders from across campus, as well as take some time to get to know other new employees at UTD.


EQ Mind & Heart: Emotional Intelligence and Problem Solving

We live in a messy world where many day-to-day decisions become complicated and compromised by relationships, motivations, policies and perspectives.  Some decisions are simple and straight forward, others are difficult but manageable, but then there are those that are a “downright” mess! Building upon the skills developed in the Emotional Intelligence series, this two-part series will explore how we can use emotional intelligence to think systemically and solve problems in our complicated worlds by allowing participants to practice practical application of Emotional Intelligence skills. Completion of the Emotional Intelligence series is not required, but strongly recommended.

  1. Session 1:  The World of the Difficult and Messy - Sometimes the difficult and messy decisions and problems are so overwhelming that they cause us to want to run away or shut down.  The first session of EQ mind and heart will explore ways we can apply Emotional Intelligence to help us navigate our messy world and make healthy decisions to improve our worlds.
  2. Session 2:  EQ and Problem Solving - In session two we will take a look at four key skills to apply to our understanding of the world we occupy and practice problem solving with emotional intelligence a practical way of thinking.


Single Session Trainings

The following trainings are contained within a single session. Training sessions range from 1.5 to 2hrs and are offered at various times throughout the year.

360 Leadership: Lead from Where You Are

This class is designed to assist individuals in understanding that everyone has the potential and responsibility for leadership.  The goal of the class is to help people understand the strength and influence of where they currently reside in the workplace and to introduce them to skills that will help them lead from that position. *This class also serves as Session 8 of Admin U.

4 C’s of Diamond Employees

This class examines what it takes for employees to shine bright as colleagues, coworkers, supervisors and employers. Taught by Chief Human Resources Office Colleen Dutton, this course explores the answers to the question, "What does it take to make us successful employees?".

4 Disciplines

Based on the Business Bestseller “The 4 Disciplines of Execution”, this training explores the idea that there are four clear roadmaps to help you overcome the “whirlwind” of the day-to-day work that keeps leaders, and teams, from executing the programs that drive real change.

6 Thinking Hats

Using the metaphor of putting on our thinking caps, Dr. Edward De Bono suggests there are six approaches, or perhaps more properly, six directions in thinking. In this class, we will explore the different way or approach to thinking pioneered by Dr. De Bono. This approach has been referred to as “parallel thinking” and is also known under the title of the “Six Thinking Hats” method. This class is a must for everyone who wants to get more out of meetings!

Annual Performance Review

This training focus on strategies and best practices to help supervisors and managers conduct fair, meaningful and effective performance reviews. It also helps new employees understand how to use the review to their advantage. Our ultimate aim is to help our employees succeed.

Another Fine Mess: Stress Management

Three out of every four American workers describe their work as stressful. Eliminating stress is nearly impossible, so the key is learning how to deal with the stress in healthy ways. Join us for this training class that looks at the root causes of our stress and offers some ways to make the stress a bit less stressful.

 Beat the ‘Tigue

Is the same technology that has made our socially distanced existence bearable wearing you down? Zoom fatigue, isolation blues, quarantine fatigue… the COVID-19 pandemic has brought us dozens of new words and phrases to describe the every-growing feeling of mental and emotional exhaustion, stress, and unrest that many of us may be feeling. In this 90-minute session, we will hear from colleagues and experts who are willing to share tips and ideas to help us keep our spirits up and combat mental exhaustion.

Controlling Your Life and Your World- Time Management

It is probably a mistake to see time management as purely about clock management skills. Fundamentally, time management is about self-management, personal focus and workplace productivity. This class will help participants become better time managers by focusing on how to assess personal and work values that will help guide in the creation of self-management planning process, and reviewing techniques that promote effective time management via planning, prioritizing, delegating, and goal setting.

Lessons from the HR Trenches

Or "things I wish I knew before I took the job as a supervisor.” Taught by UTD’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Colleen Dutton, this course will focus on the tips, truths, and everyday wisdoms to help managers and supervisors navigate the daily challenges of managing employees.

Motivating Yourself and Others

In this course, participants will explore key concepts behind employee motivation and learn the importance of appreciation, freedom, expertise, and meaningfulness to motivate themselves and encourage others. We will review and discuss Abraham Maslow’s hierarchical model of needs as it relates to motivation, as well as what research says about ours and others’ motivation.

Navigating Workplace Conflict

Even in the healthiest workplace environments, conflict may occasionally arise. Understanding how to effectively manage this conflict will help maintain a satisfactory and professional work environment and experience. In Navigating Workplace Conflict, participants will learn about the nature of conflict, common approaches we adopt when in conflict and the importance of taking professional and appropriate action in response to workplace conflict.

Office Etiquette

If you are interested in promoting a more positive and cohesive environment, sign-up for Office Etiquette! In fact, encourage your co-workers to participate as a professional development opportunity.

Successful Supervision

This course provides an overview of skills essential to UTD supervisors. This course will provide information and guidance to support supervisors in hiring for success, understanding the university’s leave programs and processes, the supervisor’s role in absence management, responding to employee requests for accommodations, and managing employee behavior and performance.

Thriving: Work/Live Balance

There is a great deal of talk these days about work life balance but many struggle with what that means and how to achieve it.  Work life balance is not really about finding equal time but rather making the most of daily enjoyment and accomplishment.  This class will explore five key elements that individuals can control to find life and work more fulfilling and enjoyable

UTD Talent Development is currently offering three unique versions of Thriving, tailored to reflect our current “work from home” situation:

*NEW!!* - Thriving Through the Return

After many of us have worked from home for over a year, we are now beginning to transition back to campus. We know that employees are experiencing a range of emotions as they return, from anxiety to joy.  Through emotional intelligence skills, guided mindfulness, and the expertise of guest speakers, this class will explore how we can be more confident and considerate through this transition, so we can all "Thrive Through the Return"!

Thriving While Working from Home

Our current circumstances have forced many us to work from home.  For some this is an easy transition, for others the change and social distancing can, over time, create life balance issues. Trying to juggle work, new technology, family and social demands is not really about finding equal time but rather making the most of daily opportunities. This class will explore five key elements that individuals can incorporate to thrive during this time of challenge.

Thriving While Working from Home: With Kids! 

Note:  This class is for UTD employees who have school age children at homeAdmittedly we are living and working in one of the most unique times in modern history.  Attempting to get everything done for work, while trying to take care of ourselves and our families presents a very, very real challenge. Join us as we facilitate an open discussion with a panel of your UTD colleagues who are working to create a productive world as they try to balance working from home with raising kids.

Unlocking Success

This course helps participants “unlock” their full potential by building “key” communication skills. Participants will learn about the Communication Process, basic steps of Active Listening, and explore how to be a more assertive communicator in the workplace.